Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Stove top belgian waffle maker - Liege waffles

I was gonna post the recipe for the liege waffles but the waffles turned out to be a flop..a major major flop so I decided to post a review on my newly purchased stove top Belgian waffle maker which I purchased from Amazon.com. I have have been hunting for a Belgian waffle to make these special waffles because I, particularly love the liege waffles I have eaten in Max Brenner in Sydney. A Belgian waffle maker is not very easy to find in Malaysia because we eat more of the normal waffles rather than the deep pocketed waffles. After a lot of research I found this stove top Belgian waffle maker to be rather practical for me because I have too many electrical kitchen appliances and it would be difficult to get things fixed if the waffle maker fails on me. This Belgian waffle maker is from Nordic Ware and it makes beautiful waffles over low heat. You just have to brush the waffle maker with butter or non stick spray and you are ready to make your waffles.But I have to warn that you might have to keep an eye on in the beginning at first use to get to know the right temperature as the waffle might browned too fast or even burn. And you have to turn the waffle maker to make sure even cooking of waffles.


ciketon fazya said...

Hello, may i know where i could find that liege waffle pan?tq in advance :)

Pastry.Heaven said...

Hi Ciketon, I got mine from Amazon.com. =)