Sunday, April 28, 2013

REVIEW! KartikaSari Bandung's cakes

Clockwise: Lapis Surabaya, Lapis Legit Prunes,Bolu kukus Rainbow, Brownies kukus Original (chocolate), Lapis Legit, Brownies kukus Rainbow
Lapis Surabaya : Very rich and buttery. I love how it tastes like a rich butter cake but it is so fluffy almost like a sponge cake. Pretty addictive but I felt sick after the 3 slice because it was very rich.

Lapis Legit with/without Prunes : Very rich and very fragrant the only difference between the two was one had prunes and the one did. I prefered the one without prunes. The don't last long outside although the lady in the store said it can be kept outside for a week. It only lasted about 4 days outside unfortunately. Eating thin slices of this will allow you to enjoy the cake longer cause it's very rich.

Brownies kukus original & Rainbow : I'd be honest, I didn't like these two flavours very much as compared to the lapis surabaya and legits cause the chocolate one had a funny after taste and the rainbow one tasted very artificial.

Bolu Kukus Rainbow : This is my favourite! Maybe because I love my chiffon cakes or any light cakes.But I liked this cake very much. It was rich as you could taste the coconut milk taste in it but not sickly rich where you can only eat a few slices and get slice of eating the cake. I managed to eat the whole loaf by myself. =) It's spongy, flavourful, and rich. It didn't taste artificial with all that food colouring in it.

Disclaimer: This is my personal opinion and it depends on individual tastebuds.

Pineapple Jam Rolls (melt in the mouth)

The month is coming to an end once again. As usual so much has happened. I hardly blog these days because I hardly take pictures of whatever I've baked during the weekend.Ok, I'll admit nothing has been turning out the way it should be.I feel like I've lost my Mojo.

So here's what's been happening during the month of April.

Assessments. Assessments. Assessments.

FSTEP classroom training has just ended which means internship in Maybank has just begun. It hasn't been the easiest either when you have people trying to outshine you in front of the bosses. I just started working in the real world minus the internships in Kurnia and HSBC so I rather not give my 'immature' opinions on anything, just yet especially when I am working in the Trade Finance department. I wouldn't want to 'sell' myself too low either by talking too much because obviously, bosses tend to judge you when you speak of yourself and experience. A few may know where I am coming from but I am sure many of you don't. It's bloody annoying when people do that. Oh well..

Mum came down for two weeks in the beginning of April during Easter week in Sydney for a holiday. It was a pretty quick one. I actually have to admit I miss Sydney. I miss the environment and life there. But I can't just leave my duty as a daughter to my father and a companion to my dogs. So I came back. Sometimes I wish I didn't have to choose/make a decision. I was meant to visit Sydney in August during Eid but now with a tight schedule in Maybank and I definitely want to be absorbed, I have to postpone it. So sad. =( Again decisions.

When I started FSTEP, I had to postpone my Paris Culinary Adventure as well. Decisions again. It comes to a point where I just want to let everything go for my happiness. Because you can never actually make anyone happy with all the expectations they have on you. I ain't complaining but sometimes I just wish I never had the conscience of the happiness of people around me.

I can go on and on about my frustrations but only I can sort it out. I ain't blaming anyone but I just want to be free from expectations and live my life for once how I want it to be.

Oh well... Life goes on...yeah?

Good Morning & Happy Sunday, Everyone.

This has been one of my best kept secret recipes since I started making them at the age of.......12? Yes, 12 years ago. I never liked pineapples. I still don't like pineapples.Well, except for these pineapple tarts,of course. Yesterday when I made them, dad said this has been the best tarts I've made and I think I know why. You'll know why soon. =) When I told mum, I made pineapple tarts, she said 'oh pineapples tarts, should have asked you to make them when I was around" cause pineapple tarts are one of her favourites apparently. The pastry is very melt in the mouth. =) I'd be honest I never share my family secret recipes but this one I had to.

250g butter, diced, chilled/cold
100g icing sugar
1 large egg
1 teaspoon vanilla paste/extract
260g all purpose flour
120g corn flour
100g custard flour
a pinch of sea salt

500g pineapple jam, store bought/home made

  1. Preheat oven at 180C. Grease and line three large cookie sheets/spring roll pans.
  2. Beat butter & sugar until very pale and creamy. 
  3. Add the vanilla and egg.Mix well.
  4. Add all the dry ingredients in three portions until well combined.
  5. Stop mixing as soon as all ingredients are fully combined.
  6. Roll your pineapple tarts. Brush them with an egg wash and bake for 15-25 minutes. Check at 15 minutes. Tarts should be golden brown!=)
Secret:: to this melt in the mouth texture of the pastry is the chilled butter. Beating butter gives the pastry a melt in the mouth texture and do not beat the pastry for too long after adding the flours cause you will work the gluten in the flours.