Sunday, April 28, 2013

REVIEW! KartikaSari Bandung's cakes

Clockwise: Lapis Surabaya, Lapis Legit Prunes,Bolu kukus Rainbow, Brownies kukus Original (chocolate), Lapis Legit, Brownies kukus Rainbow
Lapis Surabaya : Very rich and buttery. I love how it tastes like a rich butter cake but it is so fluffy almost like a sponge cake. Pretty addictive but I felt sick after the 3 slice because it was very rich.

Lapis Legit with/without Prunes : Very rich and very fragrant the only difference between the two was one had prunes and the one did. I prefered the one without prunes. The don't last long outside although the lady in the store said it can be kept outside for a week. It only lasted about 4 days outside unfortunately. Eating thin slices of this will allow you to enjoy the cake longer cause it's very rich.

Brownies kukus original & Rainbow : I'd be honest, I didn't like these two flavours very much as compared to the lapis surabaya and legits cause the chocolate one had a funny after taste and the rainbow one tasted very artificial.

Bolu Kukus Rainbow : This is my favourite! Maybe because I love my chiffon cakes or any light cakes.But I liked this cake very much. It was rich as you could taste the coconut milk taste in it but not sickly rich where you can only eat a few slices and get slice of eating the cake. I managed to eat the whole loaf by myself. =) It's spongy, flavourful, and rich. It didn't taste artificial with all that food colouring in it.

Disclaimer: This is my personal opinion and it depends on individual tastebuds.

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