Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Hakka Yong Tau Foo

The pictures below were taken a few months ago and I never had the time to post the recipe up.I made this a couple days back for my cousins. Everyone enjoyed even though the soup was a little fishy to their liking.
Adapted from Agnes Chang - Hawker's Delight

For fish mince :-
500g mackerel,ikan tenggiri flesh, (this is how I remove the flesh from the bones of the fish ) bones and skin kept for the stock
100g g tinned bamboo shoots, squeezed dry and diced
assorted vegetables & beancurd for stuffing. ( I had more tau foo because my cousins preferred beancurd)

1tablespoon tapioca flour
1teaspoon salt
3tablespoon water
1/2 white pepper

For stock :-
Bones & skin of fish
100g fermented soya beans (tau cheong)
1 slice ham choy
1 cube ikan bilis (anchovy) stock

Spring onions and fried garlic oil for garnishing

  • For fish stock :- Boil all stock ingredients for 2hours.
  • For mince fish :- Using a pastel & mortar, pound flesh of fish until very fine and a sticky paste is formed.Mix tapioca flour,water,salt & pepper until combined. Slowly add to to fish paste until paste is very sticky.Continue 'pounding' until you get a springy texture.Add bamboo shoots and mix well.
  • Stuff fish paste into your desired vegetables and beancurd.
  • Arrange on steaming tray and steam for 10minutes until cooked.
  • Before serving add steamed stuffed ingredients into stock and bring to boil.Dish into serving bowl, sprinkle chopped spring onions and some garlic oil over and serve hot with some noodles.

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