Monday, August 22, 2011

Coffee Cake

I was inspired to make coffee cake after watching Masterchef 2011 winner Kate make a Retro Coffee Cake in the what dish change your life challenge and it was a hit!! But when I read the recipe it seemed like it was a coffee flavoured butter cake but I wanted to make a sponge cake like the ones you get in Chinatown or Vietnamese populated areas like
Cabramatta in Sydney. The Vietnamese bakeries here in Sydney make really good cakes. I searched the internet for a something similar but opted for the recipe in cornercafe's blog cause I wasn't sure the difference between a victoria sponge cake and the chinese sponge cake. The outcome was exceptional. Honestly, I was surprised to see half the cake gone when I woke up yesterday morning, mind you, I only finished at midnight the night before. I would take that as a success. =) However, I found the cake too small for my baking tin so the outcome of my cake just a single layered cake with buttercream. I would revise the portions and upload it again when I get back to Malaysia in November.

Recipe will be posted when I get my two layered cake successfully.=)

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